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Social Marketing App/Platform

Mobile App and Online Dashboard

Our one dashboard Social Marketing solution makes managing social media simple. It

gives your business one place to stay social. You can generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and communicate with your followers all from one place.


Mobile-Friendly—Social Marketing App

All-in-one composer

All-in-one composer

Write your post and syndicate to all your social accounts. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Google+, and LinkedIn

Configurable Notifications

Configurable Notifications

Easily configurable for each of your users— get notifications on new leads, customer replies and more

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Rich engagement statistics on your social posts. Monitor your posts and social audience activities

Content Creation

Content Creation

Use your favourite RSS feeds to discover great content to use in your social media marketing

Lead Finder

Lead Finder

Configure keyword searches and geo targeting to find and engage with your target audience 

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Get an aggregate view of all customer posts and respond to them directly from Social Marketing

Post Calendar

Post Calendar

Effectively manage and schedule posts using a convenient calendar view

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3 Tools That May Increase Triple Your Search Results

The foundation of business built on Google approved

There are three ways to get cracking with this:

1. Set up your Google My Business profile This is important and the service is free to use. By signing up to Google My Business you can tell Google directly the name of your business, the exact location, what it does, opening times, what it looks like (upload your own images), and many more attributes.

It is of particular relevance to the map results and the 3-pack listings. For instance, Google smartly tells the searcher whether the business is open or closed right now and pulls out images to give users more of an idea of what to expect. Not only does Google My Business make it easier for it to know what’s what about your business, it also improves the search experience for your customer – giving more ‘at a glance’ information than the traditional SERPs listings do.

Google My Business also allows you to post updates to give customers an idea of current offers and events direct from the search results. And you can also make use of the insights and analytics to give you an idea of how well your hyperlocal visibility is working.

Google My Business

Make sure your business looks great on Google Search, Maps and Google+ for free.

Google Merchant Center

The place to upload your product data to Google and make it available to Google Product Search and other Google services.

PageSpeed Insights

Use PageSpeed Insights to find out how to make your web pages fast on all devices.

Custom Search

Harness the power of Google to create a customized search experience for your own website.

Google Domains

Find a domain name and build a website with Google Domains.

Webmaster Academy

Learn to create a great website with valuable content and have it findable in Google Search.

Google AdWords

Advertise your business on Google and reach new customers with AdWords.

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to measure behavior across websites, apps, and devices to make better, data-driven decisions.


2. On-site content should reflect hyperlocal terms As Nikolay Stoyanov says in his Complete guide to keyword research for SEO: “Keywords are the backbone of SEO.” I’m inclined to agree. The keyword research methods and tools explored by Nikolay in his above piece are invaluable, but hyperlocal search terms also need to draw on knowledge and potentially research of the area in which your business is located.

Neighbourhoods and boroughs of wider cities are good places to start. Where is your business located in this sense, and what does Google display when you search for it? Is it worth zooming in smaller? Like my above example, ‘mutley plain,’ is a well-established street within Mutley in Plymouth. Are you located near a well-known place or landmark (university, sports stadium, monuments etc.)? It might be worth reflecting this in your onsite content.

Once you’re sure of your hyperlocal term, make sure it is reflected in your titles, descriptions, body text, alt. text of images etc. so when Google crawls this content – and potential customers read it – both know your business is there.


3. Add structured data markup (schema) Google offers further information on how best for local businesses to do this here. By including the relevant markup, you can make Google’s job of displaying the necessary information and call-to-actions about your business even easier.

Currently Google accepts markup for (among other things): Opening Times. Even down to seasonal changes Location. Including latitude and longitude Restaurant-specific properties. Such as food served, how it can be delivered, how to reserve a table etc. Consider adding markup to the content pages on your site as a best practice accompaniment to the information in your Google My Business profile. It will ensure that when Google is crawling your site, it will deliver the most trustworthy, up-to-date and relevant information. (Listing errors are costly for business)

Nearly 75% of people lose trust in brands with inaccurate business listings.

Thinking about your business in hyperlocal terms is a good opportunity to stand out. As increasing numbers of web searchers use mobile devices to look for businesses, there is more reason for Google to have an understanding of what relevant businesses are within walking distance of those making the search. At the same time, hyperlocal terms can be expected to be used more often.

Additionally, be sure to analyze the success of your hyperlocal search terms (using Google My Business, Google Analytics etc.) and tweak them if necessary. Be prepared for such terms to increase in competitiveness and for Google to change how it presents its local and hyperlocal results.



Credits: Hyperlocal SEO: What is it, and how can you make sure you do it right?




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Use Reviews Marketing To Build Trust and Authority

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Using Local Listings To Boost Search Ranking

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Google My Business for Optimizing for Local Search

No matter what kind of business you are in, you need to optimize for local search.

Local search is one of the last great untapped resources of search engine marketing and optimization


… and if you can ensure that you are leading on local search you are going to end up with a huge audience. So, how do you do that?

There are several things that you can do to optimize your business for local SEO. Here are some tips.


  • Claim your business listing. You would be surprised how many businesses fail to complete this one, very simple step. If you want Google to list you locally, you need to let them know that you are there. Make sure that you are claiming your business listing for each of your locations.


  • Next, you want to be consistent. Having the same business name, address and phone number across the entire internet will be much more effective and inspire trust, plus, the local SEO bots will not get confused by conflicting information and categorize you incorrectly.


  • Make sure that you choose the right categories for your business. Most businesses will easily fit into a single category, but some will need more than one. You want to make sure that you know what categories you are listed in.


  • Make sure that you use citations. Citations are places around the web where you can list your business – to “prove” to Google that the information is correct. Not only will this give you credibility with Google and consistency with customers, but it will also give your website an SEO boost if you are linking back to your website. Some of the citation websites that you can lose include the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce in your local city or town, any associations that you are a member of, any industry groups that maintain directories and pretty much anywhere else that you can think of.


  • Get reviews and testimonials and make sure they are posted on visible sites. It goes without saying that we’re talking about positive reviews here. Websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google reviews and other sites that are listed fairly high in the search engines can make a pretty significant impact on how your customers see you and whether they buy from you. Everyone uses reviews these days to make buying decisions.



Google My Business is an online directory that holds hundreds of thousands of different business listings. But it’s not just any online directory. Many consider it to be the best because it’s run by the mega magnate Google, and millions of people perform searches on Google every day. Of course there are other search engines, and many of them are very useful and are also used by consumers every day. But there’s no doubt that Google is the biggest, so when they offer free marketing to business owners, why wouldn’t they take it?

And along with finding the information they were looking for, consumers can also see a description of your business, photos, videos, and reviews that will be just as effective as personal recommendations. The customer will have so much more information than they would get by just calling you. 

Google My Business makes you more visible to customers even when they are on the street, right in the same neighborhood as your business.

To learn more about Google My Business and how to set up your business profiles correctly, see the business listing secrets get the step by step instructions here.

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Social media trumps when it comes to gaining consumer trust



Social media isn’t just for collecting likes and follows: It can help you increase sales

If you want to gain the awareness and trust of the consumer, you have to be active on social media, however, knowing how to successfully manage a social media account does not come naturally. 

Social media makes it easy to network and build relationships that make sales conversations warmer. Even better is how easy it is to find mutual connections through social media.

Take Social Media Marketing To A New Level

If yours is among the many small businesses that has taken advantage of everything social media marketing has to offer, then you might find yourself struggling to keep up at times. You might wish you had more hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do plus stay on top of all the latest social media marketing trends.

The Problem: Keep Up With Demands

Just about two short years ago, social media marketing was a bit less complicated than it is now. Business owners felt they could manage everyday tasks plus keep up with their Twitter feeds and Facebook fan pages. Since social media has enjoyed such a boom, there are a lot more options for monetizing as well as expanding marketing opportunities. If you’re trying to do it on your own, you’re very likely feeling completely overwhelmed.

How to leverage social media to make money online

Social media is one among the biggest parts of creating wealth on-line, and every website you go to for im advice will tell you to apply social media. However in spite of all of that data available, people are still using social media incorrectly. In this article, we’re going to study a number of the great ways to use social media to make money on the net.

Use “Look-Alike” Ads: that is some thing that fb has began doing to make advertising extra powerful for their advertisers. Appearance-alike commercials are ads which might be particularly designed for a certain target audience. Those advertisements are matched with an appropriate client and designed in order that that consumer will respond to them.

Use Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories are one of the maximum social media websites of the contemporary age. Instagram is used by everybody due to the fact anybody takes pics, but corporations that integrate product photos with the instagram testimonies feature see a awesome deal greater engagement and achievement.

Use the Ad tool presented by using LinkedIn: this resume website online has a few quite great advertising tools, not to say plenty of groups and ways to target unique audiences. The ad tool are some thing exceedingly new and just one greater manner that linkedin is attempting to compete with some of the alternative social media networks available. Multiple examples include the ability to accumulate leads from the linkedin news feed and the ability to use retargeted ads.

Use YouTube to sell gated content: there are a whole lot of human beings that use youtube every day, and importing your motion pictures is a clever concept irrespective of what. But one of the ways that you can exceptional leverage youtube is to use films to attract in visitors for gated content material to your essential internet site. Due to the fact youtube is a part of google, there are loads of advertising rules that most of the people don’t even do not forget.

Use Facebook Groups: if you aren’t using facebook agencies to sell your business, you then are missing out on a massive function at the social media web page. Facebook organizations are designed to construct communities inside facebook and becoming part of a community manner which you have immediate rapport and affect with the humans inside that institution.

The Solution: Delegate

If you are tired of burning the candle at both ends, it’s time to do something about it. Hiring a company or individual who specializes in handling social media marketing for businesses can give you back some of those precious hours – last time I counted, there were still only twenty four of them in a day. By letting someone else wade through the heaps of information, manage your fans, friends, and tweets, upload your videos, and keep your blog moving, you can take back the hours you need to replenish yourself and truly enjoy your life more.

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